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Learn how billing works with

Our philosophy

Our goal is to provide a simple and transparent pricing model. We want to make it easy for you to understand how much you pay for the service and what you get in return. We don't try to lock you in, and let you self-host, but we also don't plan to offer large free tiers. We believe charging a fair price ensures the sustainability and quality of our services in the long run.

Private Beta Pricing is currently in private beta. We are not charging for the service during the beta period. The current pricing model is subject to change. We will inform you about the pricing model before the end of the beta period.

Usage based pricing

Our pricing is based on the number of events we process for you. An event is a single interaction that you are tracking. This could be a page view, a click on a button, or some interaction of your customer with your product. Our plans include a certain number of committed events per month. These are events that you pay for in advance at a lower price. If you exceed this limit, you can still track events, but we will charge you for additional events with the on-demand price at the end of the month.

Committed event plans

Volume Price Price per 1k events
200 000 20€ ~ 0.10€
1 000 000 90€ ~ 0.09€
5 000 000 400€ ~ 0.08€
10 000 000 700€ ~ 0.07€
20 000 000 1200€ ~ 0.06€
Volume Price Price per 1k events
200 000 24€ ~ 0.12€
1 000 000 108€ ~ 0.11€
5 000 000 480€ ~ 0.10€
10 000 000 840€ ~ 0.08€
20 000 000 1440€ ~ 0.07€

Committed volume packages can be stacked. For example, if you need 400k events per month, you can buy two 200k event packages at 20€ for a total of 40€.

If you expect more than 20M events per month, please contact us for a custom offer and volume discount.

On-demand pricing

Volume Price per 1k events
0 - 1 000 000 ~ 0.20€
1 000 001 - 5 000 000 ~ 0.15€
> 5 000 000 ~ 0.10€

All prices are in Euro and excluding VAT. Prices may vary depending on the country you are located in and exchange rates. We will inform you about the final price before you sign up for a plan.

Billing Cycles

Save with annual billing

We offer monthly and annual billing cycles. If you choose the annual billing cycle, you get a discount of 20% compared to the monthly billing cycle. You can always upgrade from a monthly to an annual plan or upgrade your committed volume.

At the start of each billing cycle, we charge you for the committed volume you selected.

At the end of each month, we count the number of events we processed for you. If you exceeded the committed volume, we will charge you for the additional events at the on-demand price. With monthly billing, you will receive an invoice with the committed volume charge for the next month together with the additional events charge for the previous month.

For annual billing, you will be charged for the committed volume at the start of the billing cycle and for the additional events at the end of every month. Your monthly included volume is also resets at this time.

Billing Examples

Example 1

You have a website with 51k visitors per month. Users visit 4 pages on average per visit. You choose the 200k committed volume package for 24€ per month. You are be charged 24€ at the start of the first month. At the end of the month, we count the 204k page views and charge you 0.20€ per 1k page views for the additional 4k page views. Your next invoice will be 24€ for the next month's committed volume and 0.80€ for the additional page views of the previous month.

Example 2

You have a large Ecommerce website with an avaerage of 10k visitors per day. You track 20 events per visitor for a total of around 600k events per month. You choose the 1M committed volume package with annual billing for 90€ per month. At the start of your subscription, you will be charged 12 x 90€ = 1080€. In most months you track about 600k events and you are not charged for additional events. One month exceeds your expectation and you track 1.2M events. At the end of the month, we charge you 0.15€ per 1k events for the additional 200k events (> 1M) and you will receive an additional invoice of 30€.